360dialog - Some disruptions to WhatsApp – Incident details

WhatsApp Cloud API (Message Delivery) experiencing degraded performance

Some disruptions to WhatsApp

Started 11 months agoLasted about 2 hours


Meta Infrastructure

Operational from 8:38 PM to 10:38 PM

WhatsApp On-Premise API (Message Delivery)

Operational from 8:38 PM to 10:38 PM

Embedded Signup

Operational from 8:38 PM to 10:38 PM

  • Resolved

    META has updated their status page

    The META engineering team has informed that the fix for receiving incoming messages and message delivery on WhatsApp has been deployed and this issue is now mitigated.

  • Identified

    META has identified the issue on their status page: https://metastatus.com/whatsapp-business-api

    The META engineering team is currently working on a fix and will provide an update in about 1 hour